Keeping Consumers Informed About Insurance Rate Increases

The Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) is committed to providing consumers with information about proposed rate increases. TDI reviews proposed rate increases and determines whether each is actuarially justified. Actuarial justification means that an insurance company or HMO must demonstrate that claims experience supports the increase and the premiums collected are reasonable compared to the benefits provided by the plan. Through this online tool, consumers can access information about proposed rate increases of 10 percent or more that affect Texas policyholders.

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Filing Start Date

Filing End Date

Please note: companies may have filed
their rate filing several months in advance.

Individual vs. Small Group Plans

For individual health plans, people buy insurance directly from an insurance company. For small group health plans, people receive insurance through an employer with 50 or fewer eligible employees. If you get your insurance through an employer that has more than 50 eligible employees, your rate increases are not subject to the same review process.


Who should use this guide?

Texas wants consumers to have open access to this information about rate increases. You might use this website to

  • See if your current carrier has proposed an increase to your individual or small group plan.
  • Check on increases that have been requested or reviewed in the past.
  • Compare carriers' histories of rate increases.